Your Child, Rheumatic Fever, And Heart Disease

Posted on: 11 April 2017

When most people think of heart problems, they tend to think of older adults as the primary sufferers. Unfortunately, many children have heart issues as well. These can stem from congenital defects or diseases they are born with, or as a result of diseases they acquire later in life. One of these diseases is rheumatic fever. Here is what you need to know. What Is Rheumatic Fever? Rheumatic fever occurs as an inflammation resulting from a streptococcal infection, usually strep throat.
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Three Things You May Discover By Using Anti-Depressants For Pain Management

Posted on: 6 April 2017

Some doctors currently prescribe anti-depressants for pain management. You may be wondering why that is, but considering that some people feel an all-over dull ache while depressed, it is easily explained. If your doctor prescribes an anti-depressant for your pain management, you may discover some additional things about yourself that you may be surprised to learn. You Have Depression This one surprises a lot of people. Since there are many grades of depression, some of the pain you feel may be related to low- or medium-grade depression.
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Three Health Tips For An Abundant Life

Posted on: 4 April 2017

You need to know that health is not a fad diet or a quick fix workout -- it's a lifelong journey of doing what is best for your mind, body, and spirit. In this regard, there are some remarkable health tips you can follow every day and week to make sure that you are always energized, in the best mood possible, physically strong, and pain-free. To this end, read these health tips below so that you are able to use these powerful tools in your life for the betterment of your health and well-being.
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The Connection Between Bladder Stones And Overactive Bladders

Posted on: 30 March 2017

An overactive bladder can be a problematic situation because it will cause a person to become incontinent or suffer from other health concerns. Unfortunately, the development of bladder stones is connected to other health problems. Treating it requires a careful understanding of the situation. How Bladder Stones Form Bladder stones are a problem that typically occur for a variety of reasons. For example, they often form due to a urinary tract infection or a damaged urethra.
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