4 Tips For Managing Pain From A Herniated Disc

Posted on: 22 April 2019


Herniating a disc in your back can be quite painful. Although some people require surgical treatment to repair the disc, most recover in time with proper rest, chiropractic care, and maybe some physical therapy. However, you'll still have to manage the pain in the meantime. Here are some ways you can control the pain associated with a herniated disc while it is healing.

Try CBD Oil

CBD oils are becoming very popular for pain relief. They are derived from marijuana or from hemp plants, and although they do not make you feel high, they offer many of the therapeutic benefits associated with marijuana. CBD is excellent for pain relief and for reducing inflammation, both of which are beneficial when you have a herniated disc. You can vape CBD oil for quick relief or take it orally. If you take it orally, you'll place a few drops beneath your tongue and wait for them to be absorbed. You'll need to experiment with the dose to see what works for you; most people need between 10 and 30 mg to experience relief.

Stay a Little Active

You'll want to get plenty of rest and avoid straining your back, but remaining completely inactive is not good, either. Moving around will get your blood pumping, which can help reduce inflammation. It will also keep the muscles in your core and back strong, which will reduce strain on the injured disc and allow it to heal. Even if you can only walk around the block for 10 minutes once a day, take the time to do so.

Use Ice Packs

A few times per day, sit down and place an ice pack over the injured area in your back. The ice does not just alleviate pain; it also brings down inflammation, which can speed up healing. It takes about 20 minutes for the ice to have this effect, so be patient. You can ice the area again at any time the pain starts flaring up during the day.

Take Epsom Salt Baths

 A herniated disc can put a strain on the muscles in your back, causing them to be tight and painful. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. When added to water, the salts dissolve. The magnesium can be absorbed through your skin and can help your muscles relax. It's easy to make an Epsom salts bath. Just dissolve a few handfuls of salt in warm bath water, lower your back in, and enjoy for about 20 minutes.