Family Planning? 3 Things You Should Do Before The Baby Comes

Posted on: 6 March 2018


Planning a family is an exciting, but also a scary time. You may have fears about your finances, about being a parent, or just afraid of the everyday changes that are coming. Taking care of a baby does take a lot of work and may put a dent in your finances, but that tiny bundle is a miracle. You'll adjust your finances and your schedules, and one day you'll wonder what you did with your time before the baby came. Before your baby arrives, there are a few things you should do. Read on for three things you should do before your baby comes.

1. Start Saving Money 

You may be surprised at how much diapers and formula cost. If you had planned on breastfeeding and using cloth diapers, that's great, but if that doesn't work out as planned you should be ready for the added expenses of formula and disposal diapers. Start a savings account and get some money in there for emergencies. Clothing and other baby items can all add up, so be ready with a small nest egg just in case.

2. Get The Necessities

Your baby isn't going to need every single thing right away, but a few necessities should be in your home before the baby arrives. A crib or bassinet, blankets, clothing, bottles (if bottle feeding), diapers and wipes, and baby wash are all necessities you're going to need right away when you bring your baby home. Other things such as a swing, playpen, toys and other items can wait, but the necessities should be in your home before the baby comes so you aren't running around after the baby is home looking for these items or putting the crib/bassinet together. Have these in place beforehand.

3. Take Time For Yourself

Take time for yourself and for your partner, take a vacation or a small getaway before the baby comes. You're going to have a lot of time together, but they'll be another person there as well. This will be the last time it's just the two of you before your baby comes, so take that time for yourselves. Also, remember to take time for yourself as well. Get a pedicure or a manicure, enjoy the silence in your home and read a book or a number of books. 

It's an exciting time planning for your baby and even being pregnant, but it can also be a little stressful or scary. Take time for yourselves, organize your home, get the necessities you need and save some money just in case. For more information or advice on pregnancy, contact a women health care center.