Portable Ultrasound Machines Can Help Save Lives Almost Anywhere

Posted on: 12 June 2017


Ultrasound machines are a very important in diagnostic tools in detecting potential problems in pregnancy and in other internal medical problems. There are cases, however, where an ultrasound machine would have been very handy and could help to save lives, but on average they are too large to transport and are permanent fixtures. Portable ultrasound machines can help save lives in almost any environment.

Wilderness Accidents and Medical Incidents

There are accidents occurring in the wildest parts of the United States and around the world. They can be falls during hikes, animal attacks, or even a case of stomach pains that seem to come out of nowhere. For those rescuing survivors of these accidents or medical incidents, a portable ultrasound machine can be a great way of determining if an air ambulance needs to be called, or if the patient will be OK by taking them out by foot and vehicle. Many of these portable machines are handheld and can work in conjunction with smartphones to submit important information to the hospitals nearby.

Hospital Settings

While ultrasound machines can be found at hospitals, usually patients must make an appointment or wait until a machine becomes ready, also the patient needs to be brought to the machine which can put the patient in more danger or pain by moving them. A portable ultrasound machine can be brought to the patient in their room should they complain about any pains that need to be checked on. Doctors don't necessarily want to move a patient too often when potential dangerous medical problems could be present unless it's to surgery or recovery. These machines eliminate this problem to spare the patient any discomfort they might experience by the movement.

Anxiety Patients, Rural Patients, or Shut-Ins

There are some patients who very seldom leave their home due to mental illness like anxiety, or perhaps they have no means to head to a doctor on their own or are shut-ins due to other mobility problems. There is a possibility that some patients might live in very rural areas where no town exists nearby. They may have to travel for hours to see a doctor and there usually are no hospitals in the vicinity.

There are doctors who do treat patients in their homes,including rural areas, but for some tests like ultrasound imaging, they typically must be done at the hospital. This can be very difficult for these patients and place them in unnecessary distress. A portable ultrasound can help a doctor see what the problem might be that is causing pain in their patient from the comfort of their home.

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