5 Hallmarks Of A Top-Notch Pediatrician

Posted on: 12 January 2016


Choosing a pediatrician for your child does not have to be a daunting experience. If you are like many concerned parents, you will probably do your research and ask for recommendations when searching for a pediatrician, but how do you know you've found the right one? A superior pediatrician means more than being board certified with outstanding medical credentials. As your guideline, consider the following, as these are a few hallmarks of a first-rate pediatrician:

1. He or She is On Call 24/7

While it may seem unlikely to find a pediatrician that is available for emergency calls at odd hours or weekends, it is not unheard of. And when your baby or child spikes a high fever at 2 am, you would preferably want to speak with the doctor, not necessarily a nurse or practitioner. The hallmark of a good pediatrician and clinic is one that will be available for you at any time you need them. If the child's regular doctor is unavailable, he or she will have a stand-in qualified pediatrician ready to assist you.

2. The Doctor (or Doctors in the Facility) Are Willing to Answer Your Questions to Your Satisfaction

Having a doctor that doesn't take the time to listen to your concerns and answer all questions to your satisfaction can add to your anxiety. As a parent, it is your right to ask questions directed to your child's doctor. A top-notch pediatrician will make the time to answer your questions and not brush them aside or make you feel "rushed." After your questions have been answered, a good physician will ask if they were answered to your satisfaction and if you have further concerns.

3. He or She is Empathetic and Caring

Can you imagine going to a pediatrician that seemed indifferent or insensitive to your concerns and your child's needs? Probably not. Is the doctor warm and engaging, with an attitude that shows respect and concern? Or does he or she seem cold and aloof?

If your child's doctor shows empathy towards your situation and is genuinely concerned about your feelings as a parent, you may have found the perfect match. The doctor should also "click" with your child. A pediatrician with excellent bedside manner is most likely a keeper.

How does the doctor interact with your infant, toddler or child? Does he or she know how to comfort a crying baby or put a child at ease? Gentleness, sensitivity and empathy is one of the true earmarks of an outstanding pediatrician.

4. The Pediatrician Communicates With You on Your Level

What does this mean? A top-notch pediatrician won't throw medical terms and jargon at the parent or provide textbook-like information. He or she will explain in detail what you need to know, in a way that you can understand. Everything from childhood illnesses to nutritional advice will be explained in simple layman's terms, so you can gain the insight and knowledge you seek.

5. He or She ALWAYS Returns Your Phone Calls

A hallmark of an excellent pediatrician is one who always returns a parent's phone calls. There will be times when you need to consult with your child's doctor. If he or she is busy with other patients, a good pediatrician will find a free moment at a later time to return a patient's call. This means not shifting the responsibility to a nurse or receptionist. A doctor that personally returns a phone call by the end of the day is doing the right thing.

In conclusion, you'll know you've found a top-notch pediatrician when you feel confident in him or her and comfortable in their presence.

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