4 Strategies To Eliminate A Double Chin

Posted on: 27 August 2015


If you hate having a double chin and want to resolve the problem, consider various strategies that may help. Some individuals have good luck getting rid of their double chin by doing specific exercises. You also have the option of liposuction or a less invasive cosmetic procedure that reduces fat under the chin. 

Strategies to Eliminate That Double Chin

Losing Weight

A double chin is typically caused by a layer of fat under the skin. Some people develop this because of genetics or even for no apparent reason, but others have a double chin because they're overweight. If you need to lose weight, address the problem with diet and general exercise. Your double chin should gradually be reduced as you take off the pounds. 

Exercising Your Jaw and Neck

Even when you're at your ideal weight or close to it, your neck and jaw will benefit from muscle-toning exercises. You'll need to do exercises daily for several weeks before you can expect to see improvement. 

One exercise is the backward head tilt. You can do this while standing or sitting in a chair, which may be convenient at work. Tilt your head back at an angle and look at the ceiling; hold the position for five seconds. Repeat as often as you'd like.

You also can do forward head tilts while lying face up on a bed or couch with your head hanging backward over the side. Bring your head up parallel to your body and hold the position for five seconds. Repeat several times.

A third toning exercise involves sitting upright or standing and turning your head to the left until you feel the tension in your neck. Hold for five seconds, then turn your head all the way to the right and hold again. Repeat the exercise several times. 

Just chewing sugar-free gum can give your jaw some extra toning activity.

Getting Injections

In 2015, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved injections that essentially dissolve the fat of a double chin. Dermatologists who have completed training in the procedure can provide these injections. The shots contain a drug made from deoxycholic acid, a fat-absorbing substance the body produces naturally.

The treatment requires up to 50 injections per session, and patients may need several sessions to achieve full results.

If your double chin is mainly the result of sagging skin rather than fat, the therapy won't be effective. The dermatologist makes sure patients are good candidates for the procedure before beginning. 

Having Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction is the surgical procedure used to eliminate fat in the chin area. The doctor makes tiny incisions in the skin, then draws out fat deposits through a tube using suction. After liposuction, loose skin that had expanded to cover the fatty area typically contracts, giving the lower part of the face a more contoured appearance once again.

As with fat-dissolving injections, liposuction doesn't work for skin that has sagged due to aging. In some cases, a procedure known as suture plication can be performed the day of the liposuction to tighten loose muscles. If this does not completely resolve the problem, patients can later opt for a surgical neck lift to tighten up sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles. 

Try the exercises for a few months and lose weight if you should do so. If you're not having much luck at that point, contact dermatologists in your area to learn which ones can provide the fat-dissolving injections. Dermatologists who perform surgery can do the liposuction procedure as well as suture plication and a neck lift if you are interested in these treatments. Dermatology services will be able to advise you on other ways to keep your skin healthy as well.

These options give you a variety of strategies you can use to eradicate your double chin and rejuvenate your appearance.