5 Reasons Sports Players Should Choose Spinal Surgery Over Non-Surgical Treatment

Posted on: 21 April 2015


When an athlete is injured on the spine, the most common solution is to try and heal as quick as possible to get back into the game. Whether you play sports for fun or on a professional team, your body's health should be the number one priority. Choosing spinal surgery may keep you out of the sport for longer, but there are multiple benefits to choosing surgery over other treatment options.

If you've suffered from a sport's injury, it's important to look through the following five benefits of choosing surgery for your spine.

Drugs & Pain Medication

When deciding to forgo surgery, one of the main treatment options for your spinal injury is pain medication. Instead of healing the pain, medication will only cover up the problems that occur with your spine. There are other negative aspects of choosing pain medication over surgery as well.

  • Medication Dependence: Once you create a pattern of using pain meds, it can make your body become dependent on the drug. This can cause addiction and overdosing.
  • Side Effects: The long term use of pain medication can cause a variety of side effects, including liver damage, stomach problems, or sleeping problems.

Permanent Correction

Instead of dealing with a spinal injury that comes and goes, orthopedic surgeons can permanently correct the situation. By scanning and evaluating your spine, an exact procedure can be planned for your surgery.

One of the main corrections that can be made for a hurt spine is a procedure known as spinal fusion. During spinal fusion, multiple vertebrae are attached together to help prevent nerve damage and spinal pain.

Future Health Issues

Sports may seem like a big part of your life now, but it will not always be that way. Age will naturally take over and your world of sports will gradually turn into a spectator activity. Instead of focusing on as many sports as you can play now, it's important to consider your health in the future. When your body ages, any injuries that you sustain now will only get worse in the future.

Taking care of the surgery now will help your spine as you get older. Putting off the surgery may make things a lot worse and cause additional problems down the line. This can result in bigger surgeries, multiple surgeries, or permanent back problems.

Synthetic Options

Sometimes the bones, discs, and tissue in your spine are just not enough. This is where surgery and modern medicine can come in. Instead of trying to let your back heal naturally, doctors have the ability to use synthetic parts on all areas of your spine.

One example of a synthetic option is a disc replacement. The discs between your vertebrae keep the bones cushioned and keep them from scraping together. When these discs wear down, it can cause extreme pain in the back. By getting surgery and having a synthetic disc inserted into the spine, you have the extra cushion to relieve pain, keep you active, and prevent additional damage to the vertebrae.

Surgery Rehabilitation

After the surgery, you will gain access to the proper rehabilitation that can make your back even stronger than it was before the surgery began. Doctors and other professionals can help you get back into shape, work on your back muscles, and teach you ways to protect your spine in the future.

The mixture of the surgery with the rehabilitation will help you get back into sports by being as healthy as possible. With just rehabilitation, your body will not have the proper healing to sustain more physical trauma from the sports that you play.

As you consider spinal surgery, a consultation with a specialist is one of the best options possible. During these meetings, you can go over full treatment plans, surgery details, and your recovery options. When communicating with a doctor about your desire to play sports, you have the opportunity to set a plan in motion that benefits you as much as possible.

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